Investing in UI/UX Design and Testing Pays Off!

In the modern era full of digital interactions and digital services, the practice of User Interface and User Experience has taken a massive leap. With increasing competition over digital presence and digital products, investing resources in UI/UX is a wise pursuit.
Ensuring that the users interacting with your digital asset or product are able to consume information or features in an easy and meaningful way has been a source of competitive advantage for tech enabled businesses. In our experience, UI/UX is THE most important part of an application development cycle.

Progressive Team for Beautiful, Functional & User Friendly Design

We at Progressive Labs take a holistic approach to UI/UX by involving in indepth research to understand the users of the digital product and considering human factors in information design, flow, and consumption. The outcome is not just a user friendly and user centric application, but also a visually elegant one.

We use tools ranging from Adobe XD, Figma, After Effects, and more to create user centric design. We provide a prototype that makes it possible to actually test your product with a sample user group even before you write a single piece of code! Is not that amazing?

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What Clients Say:


    The Progressive team is undoubtedly the best team to work with and the work result they give is fantastic. If you are looking for someone with the expertise in both creative and technical field, the team who shows up and delivers on time, its progressive labs.

    Rahul Malla Thakuri

    Upaya Citycargo
    Marketing Head

    It has been fun working with this team… few ups and downs but a lot to learn… in my experience progressive labs have been very professional throughout … and true to its name … gradually introducing new tools and techniques to tackle digital marketing problems.

    Panjak Tiwari

    The Forest sports and recreation center

    Progressive labs was easy for us to work with from the very start. In a short span of time, we had our social media accounts synced. With a young, energetic, and positive team of progressive lab we were able to gain more engagement as well in creativity with our post on social media platforms.

    Sulav Pandit

    Basera Boutique Hotel

Why Choose Us?

We are Client Centric. We have adopted to the customer centricity obsession of Amazon. We are empathetic, good listeners, good investigators of your problems, and obsessed with making you happy with our work.

We have High Integrity. We will not bend or twist any facts. We will be clear and transparent about what results you can expect and in what time frame.

We are Meticulous in our efforts. We pay extra attention to all the details, including your industry dynamics, competitors, customer behavior & psychology, and changing market trends. We will go the extra mile to make sure that we not only deliver the results that you expect but in fact surpass it.

We are Extremely Knowledgeable in the domain. We are a team of young, yet experienced techies who love to constantly learn and stay updated with latest tools. We will make sure you feel great about working with the smartest bunch out there.


Depending on the project, we conduct secondary qualitative research, user observation & in depth observation, user testing, and so on.

Depending on the nature of the project, we can do both. We can mutually agree on a format that is comfortable for both parties.

Yes, we do. We can provide redesigning as well as development of the design in a language that fits your server side.

We offer our services internationally too. We can be available in all time zones as needed. 

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