Search engine searches represent customers who are ready to buy or at least have need for the product / services. Getting positioned in front of these leads could be of great value to any business. You can definitely optimize your website and other digital assets to ensure visibility in front of the qualified ready to buy leads in search engines but optimization is a long process. It takes months, and may even take years to be able to rank in the first page, depending on the competitiveness of the market that you are in. And the worst part is, it takes a lot and a lot of resources on a continual basis to rank on the top.

This is where Search Engine Marketing comes in. SEM refers to the paid search or the paid advertisement of your result page in a search engine. Also referred to as Pay Per Click (PPC) or Paid Search, SEM is a great tool for anyone trying to sell products and services online. You can advertise your brand and your offerings in search engines and be visible to high quality leads in an instant. Depending on your product and your market, it could be a great way of boosting your sales revenue and profit instantly.

At Progressive, we cater search engine services in a comprehensive way so as to help our customers maximize the Return on Ad Spend. For SEM, we follow this process:

What Clients Say.


I own a small business in California and found Progressive Labs online while looking for a full suite website developer. From start to finish they were communicative, easy to work with, fast and affordable. I cannot speak highly enough of them and my experience. A+ result and I’ll be using them again for other development projects.

Rob Fenton


The Progressive team is undoubtedly the best team to work with and the work result they give is fantastic. If you are looking for someone with the expertise in both creative and technical field, the team who shows up and delivers on time, its progressive labs.

Rahul Malla Thakuri

Upaya Citycargo
Marketing Head


Progressive Labs is the best digital agency I’ve ever worked with. They delivered a unique, tailor-made website for my small business. We are based in San Francisco and they were able to work with me despite the time zone differences and were incredibly accommodating and easy to work with. They delivered EXACTLY what I asked for, so grateful to have found them!!

Kate Woodbury


It has been fun working with this team… few ups and downs but a lot to learn… in my experience progressive labs have been very professional throughout … and true to its name … gradually introducing new tools and techniques to tackle digital marketing problems.

Panjak Tiwari

The Forest sports and recreation center


The guys are Progressive are very knowledgeable and professional. They helped me with website design as well as bug fixing of Toubalink Portal.

Massamba Samb



Progressive labs was easy for us to work with from the very start. In a short span of time, we had our social media accounts synced. With a young, energetic, and positive team of progressive lab we were able to gain more engagement as well in creativity with our post on social media platforms.

Sulav Pandit

Basera Boutique Hotel

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Formulating digital strategy requires a lot of information sharing. We should know your brand, your industry, your current capabilities, your future vision & expectations. The more we know the better.

Depending on the nature of the project, we can do both. We can mutually agree on a format that is comfortable for both parties.

Not only we sign a proper NDA, but we will also not work with any of you direct competitors for over a year to avoid any conflict of interest. You information is safe!

We offer our services all over the globe. We have our team members based in US and Nepal. We can be available in all time zones as needed. 

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