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Digital Strategy For Competitive Advantage

It is a well known fact that having a sound strategic framework is a basis for achieving goals. No matter the industry, the size, the market representation, or the brand, we believe it is mandatory to have a proper Digital Strategic Plan. Without a well formulated Digital Strategy, it is easier to be lost. Without thinking, short term, mid term, and long term, and all aspects of current and future endeavors in a consolidated manner, companies may find themselves lost in a place/situation that is unpleasant and difficult to navigate out of. 
On the contraty a well formulated Digital Strategy can be a source of competitive adavantage.

Create a well formulated strategy with an excellent team
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The overall digital asset of a company is a representation of all the efforts made in the digital front till date. If the efforts are made at places/initiatives that are unlikely to add up to the overall strategic direction, the effort is not going to COMPOUND. Yes! Digital efforts compound to create digital assets that manifest in terms of revenue, profit, branding, or other objectives represented by a company. Digital strategy can act as a guiding document in this pursuit.
At Pprogressive you will find experienced & energetic team who will leave no stone unturned to know as much as possible about your business & domain and come up with future centric, high value strategy. Your business will benefit not just instantly but will also benefit tremendously in the long run!

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Digital Strategy Process

Digital Audit

We start by assessing the existing scenario of all the digital assets (social pages, websites, information systems, and so on). Alongside, we work with you to understand your need and objective for the short, mid, and long-term.

Research And Analysis

Post audit, we indulge in extensive research of your industry. We gain insights on the best practices as well as the emerging trends and potential future direction. We will also consider your consumer's behaviors and trends.


Based on audit and research, we formulate digital strategy for your brand. We provide detailed plan on what actions to take in short, mid, and long term to achieve the overall organizational goal. Moving on, we also support iterations, if needed.