Data Analytics

Data has been a buzz word for over a decade now and we have seen global companies benefit massively with new found analytical tools, techniques, and processes around data analytics. This is a great time for companies of all sizes and industries trying to be data informed OR data driven.

Although the world has adopted itself nicely around this new found capability of data science and started to rip benefit from it, Nepalese companies still seem to struggle with getting started with data projects. The main problems, based on our observation of the industry, seems to be

The lack of knowledge around data science projects – we are afraid to explore things we do not understand.
Instant gratification attitude – contrary to mid to long run time frame for a data project to give positive ROI.
Unrealistic expectations and skepticism to commit resources.

It is time to get over the hurdles and explore avenues to be data centric or at least data informed for all forward looking institutions.
If you are ready to take your next steps in this direction, we have gathered great people, processes, and tools to help you. Starting from modeling your business process (BPM) to identifying and setting up data collection mechanisms, to exploring available data sets for insights, to algorithms development, to deployment for real time insights OR integration with existing systems for automation, we can help you extensively with your data projects.

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